From ink to large digital imprint on the world map.

With over 10 million installations, over 650,000 monthly actives and users at international level, Tattoodo has achieved a milestone as the world’s largest app for tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo shops and artists. The app’s founders Johan Plenge and Ami James’s ambition have from the beginning been to create a platform that contains all aspects of the tattoo world – an ambition that has met with great support from both the tattoo community and investors alike.


  • Increase overall retention and in-app engagement
  • Non-Paying to Paying conversion optimization
  • Data Analysis, Visualization, Identifying Behaviour and Patterns
  • Identify most relevant KPI’s; Track and implement
  • Support UX/UI team with data backed suggestions
  • Analyse product roadmap with data backed suggestions
  • Train and support the marketing and product team
  • Implement growth hacking and robust experimenting mindset throughout the team with workshops, meetings etc.

Summary of Strategy

Initially, we were tasked with identifying the user behaviour, visualize micro user segments, relative patterns, identify new in-app opportunities, make data backed predictions and increase the overall retention and conversion rate of non-paying users to paying users. Besides this, we were also tasked with training the existing marketing and product team so that they have no difficulty to read data, analyse patterns and make data backed decisions for any future product changes, UX/UI, or marketing campaigns.

We started with analyzing their data and visualize it in a way that we were able to make sense of it and see the problem areas. We also established event tracking and parameters for every possible flow user journey in order to identify and optimize the low converting pages. This gave us enough data to start optimizing the product for a better conversion, be more customer centric which led to higher retention overall and overall longer sessions with less bounce within sessions with more returning users. 

With the backing of data, previous user engagements and all the other communication based data available, we were able to design the communication and engagement strategy (both push and email) which was more personal, more interactive and individual behaviour based which resulted in an overall increase in the open rates and action triggers. 







Start Date

October, 2018


App Growth, Growth Hacking, Retention, In-app communication