Meet like-minded people wherever you go!

+2000% growth in 90 days and growing!

Meeting new people locally has never been easier. Panion is a free social app that connects you with likeminded people, based on your interests. Whether you are a local, traveling to, or just moved to a new city; Panion is the perfect companion for you! Panion is also the world’s first keyword-searchable social platform that helps users meet like-minded people that share their passions.


  • Increase organic installs through ASO
  • Increase overall retention and in-app engagement through push, in-app messaging, email flows and any other relevant media
  • Data Analysis and Tracking Setup; Visualization, Identifying Behaviour and Patterns
  • Paid Acquisition; including Search Ads and Play Store Ads
  • Identify most relevant KPI’s; Track and implement
  • Support UX/UI team with data backed suggestions
  • Analyse product roadmap with data backed suggestions
  • Train and support the marketing and product team


We started with doing Panion’s ASO. After a deep dive into competitors, our customized ASO stack and ASO possibilities we started optimizing the store presence from day one and immediately saw a huge increase in organic istalls. By fourth week already, we saw +300% growth in organic installs in our major markets.

Besides ASO part, we started with looking into the data and identifying the user behaviour, visualize micro user segments, relative patterns, identify new in-app opportunities, make data backed predictions and increase the overall retention and in-app engagement. 

We started with analyzing their data and visualize it in a way that we were able to make sense of it and see the problem areas. We also established event tracking and parameters for every possible flow user journey in order to identify and optimize the low converting screens or problem areas. This gave us enough data to start optimizing the product for a better conversion, be more customer centric which led to higher retention overall and overall longer sessions with less bounce within sessions with more returning users. 

With the backing of data, previous user engagements and all the other communication based data available, we were able to design the communication and engagement strategy (both push and email) which was more personal, more interactive and individual behaviour based which resulted in an overall increase in the open rates and action triggers. 



Panion Tech AB

Start Date

April 2019


ASO, Retention & Engagament. Growth Hacking, Product Optimization, Applied Data Science, UX Optimization, Strategy Consulting